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September 8, 2020

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Training Scheedule 


Try-out for new swimmers will be held by appointment only.

Please, contact us and set an assestment  for your swimer.

Welcome back to the pool!

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Masks are mandatory when not in the water, on deck and throughout the building.

West doors (Bruce Avenue) will open 10 minutes prior to start of your practice time.

West doors will be locked 5 minutes after the start of your practice time.

WEST swimmers are to line up against the wall and keep 2 meter (6ft) spacing between swimmers.



Please follow the RED & BLUE arrows on the floor.

Entrance to the pool is off the lobby.



Remove your street footwear prior to stepping over the yellow floor marking.

View the display board to see what pool you are swimming in, follow the arrow.

Place your clothes on the chair labelled with your lane number.

Masks are the last item removed before entering the lane.



Don your mask.

Towel yourself off, put on clothes, and exit through the Family Change Room.

Follow the red and blue arrows to exit out the North (front) doors.



Washroom use is for emergencies only.

There is no changing in the washroom or throughout the change room.

There is no shower use in the change room.

We have created the following Training Guide to help our WEST staff and athletes navigate
new return to training procedures. We recognize this is different from our 'usual' process and we thank you for ensuring you closely follow these steps so that we can start to re-open and continue in-water training.

These guidelines will be updated as needed as new information becomes available, and communicated to all WEST staff and athletes.

WEST Session Training Procedure:
All staff and athletes have received education regarding best practices related to the prevention of COVID 19 transmission including but not limited to: COVID screening, signs and symptoms, hand hygiene, physical distancing and physical contact recommendations to prevent virus transmission.

All WEST athletes and staff must:
     1. Have completed the acknowledgment and assumption of risk form. This must be
       provided to WEST operations before your training session. If this form is not received,
       you will not be able to participate in training.

If the coach falls ill or is unable to attend a practice, the practices will be suspended until their return. No other coach is permitted to take the group as cohering applies here. If the coach is unable to return, a new coach will be assigned to the group.

Athletes will line up 2m apart, outside the facility until they are ushered in. They will then proceed to the viewing area door where they are to leave their outdoor footwear and put on deck shoes. Then proceed to your designated chair where you will leave your clothing and mask and wait until the coach directs you to your lane.

    2. Upon entering training facilities:
      (a) Be wearing a mask or face covering at all times except when participating in in-water
           training sessions.

      (b) Perform routine hand hygiene with hand sanitizer for a minimum of 20 seconds upon  
           entering the building

      (c) Follow the principles of "Arrive - Train - Depart" during re-opening

   3. WEST staff will complete attendance logs for each training session.

   4. Adhere to strict physical distancing measures. Athletes and coaches shall remain a minimum of
      2m apart when entering and exiting recreation facilities, while on deck and in the water.

   5. Athlete activation must take place prior to the scheduled training session. Athletes are
      to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of their training session to limit congregating
      and ensure physical distancing.

   6. No WEST athletes will attend a training session if they feel unwell, or exhibit even mild
       symptoms of cold/flu.

   7. Athletes, coaches and staff must answer 'NO' to all of the following question prior to attending
       any training session at a City of Windsor facility:

       (a) Do you have any symptoms of: cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
            fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, abnormal muscle pain, headache, sore throat,
            painful swallowing, runny nose (not related to allergies), new loss of taste or smell,
            gastrointestinal illness?

       (b) Have you been in contact with or cared for someone with COVID-19?
       (c) Have you returned from a trip outside the country within the last two weeks?

** Anyone who responds 'YES' to any of the above questions will not participate in the training session, return home immediately, and follow up with their primary care provider to consider the appropriateness of further investigations. The athlete or staff member may not return until receiving clearance from the physician, and if a test for COVID-19 , was completed, a negative test result will be required.

Training Protocol for Positive Test:
If any athlete or staff test positive for COVID-19, the following steps must be taken:
• The athlete is removed from the training group immediately.
• Team training will be suspended and all team members are placed in self-isolation
• The local public health authority will provide further management recommendations which may include further test and arrange for contact tracing.
• Contact Swim Ontario with the name and SNC # of the swimmer/s who tested positive.
• Any further members who develop symptoms will be referred to the appropriate public health authority or help-line for guidance on testing and appropriate management
• Team training could resume if:
  ••All team members undergo self-isolation for 14 days and no other member has developed symptoms.
  •• All team members are cleared to return to group training by their physician in accordance with Provincial guidelines.

    8. Athletes will enter Windsor International Aquatic and Training Center via the North entrance

       and be escorted by a coach to the lobby viewing entrance where they will leave their outdoor

       footwear and put on deck shoes.


    9. Athletes will not use WIATC change rooms during the phased re-opening and are to arrive in

      their training suit with a minimum of training equipment. WIATC washrooms are available for

        urgent use.

   10. WEST coaching staff will communicate in advance planned workouts. On deck white boards

          are not to be used at this time and athletes may print their workout and bring to the training

          session if required.

   11. Adhering to physical distancing of 2m, athletes will then proceed directly to their assigned

          chair on the pool deck where they can leave their belongings and wait for their coach's lane

          instruction. Following this, they will remove their face mask to be left with their belongings

        and  make their way to their lane.

   12. During training sessions:
      (a) Do not pause on lane ropes to chat with your lane neighbor.
      (b) Do not share any equipment
      (c) Do not share any water bottles

   13. Upon completion of the training session, athletes will exit the water in a staggered method to

          ensure physical distancing.

   14. Each athlete will quickly towel dry, retrieve all training equipment, don their face mask and

          exit the facility avoiding change rooms.

   15. Each WEST coach and athlete will perform hand hygiene upon exiting WIATC facilities and

          return home to shower and change.

   16. WEST athletes are to clean their training equipment once returning home



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